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  • If you have updated your Mobile number recently, please allow 3 days for the change to take effect for OTP delivery
  • Your OTP is valid for 15 minutes from the time of request. If you have not used this OTP in 15 minutes to authorize your request, please request for a fresh OTP

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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions, Internet banking, Mobile and Phone banking Terms and Conditions and any other such Terms and Conditions as would be applicable for the specific products/features availed by me, which I have read, understood and agreed to comply with.

I am aware that I will have an option to select an internet password (IPIN) online of my choice for accessing this Facility and I am fully aware of the risks involved in selecting the IPIN, Query only internet password (QPIN) and/or Telephone password (TPIN) through this channel.

I hereby agree that Citibank will issue an One Time Password (OTP) for making online payment to a registered payee only and shall not issue OTP unless the details of a payee are registered in the list of my account.

I am also aware that the OTP will be sent to a '''valid''' mobile no. Here the term '''valid''' implies that the mobile updated on the Citibank system for the Card for which IPIN is being sought is not updated in the last 10 days. I am also aware that it is prerogative of Citibank to change the cool off period from 10 days to any number of days and Citibank need not inform me of the change in the same

I hereby agree that I am the sole and exclusive owner/user of the IPIN/OTP and accept my responsibility for use, confidentiality and protection of the OTP as well as the IPIN under this Facility. I hereby grant to Citibank an express authority to carry out transactions and instructions authenticated by such OTP/IPIN.

I hereby agree and acknowledge that Citibank can block use of this Facility at any time notwithstanding that I may have made previous use of this Facility.

I hereby agree that Citibank shall not be liable for any damage or loss, direct or consequential, arising out of any lack of access to the internet site or delay or non receipt of E-mail alerts at any time by me.

I am also aware that it is my sole responsibility to keep information about my relationship with Citibank including but not limited to Credit / Debit Card no., CVV2, expiry date of the Card, my date of birth, pin code/zip code of my mailing address of my relationship with Citibank, etc., to myself and I confirm that I will not allow this information to be known to anyone.

I hereby agree that I shall not disclose, in any manner whatsoever, any information relating to Citibank of a confidential nature obtained in the course of availing this Facility through Citibank's site, to any other person. Failure to comply with this obligation shall be deemed a serious breach of these Terms and Conditions and shall entitle Citibank to terminate this Facility without prejudice to any damages to which it may be entitled.

I hereby authorise Citibank to exchange, share, part with all information related to the details and transaction history including my personal information to banks/financial institutions/credit bureaus/agencies/participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network, as may be, required by law or customary practice and shall not hold Citibank liable for use or disclosure of this information. By checking the box below, I hereby acknowledge to have read and understood the aforesaid Terms and Conditions for using this Facility.

For the reference of First Time Users - The Internet Banking Terms and Conditions

1. The Customer accepts that, at the request of the Customer, the Bank may, at its sole discretion, agree to provide the Citibank Online Internet Banking Facility through the Web-site and/or as per written standing instructions given / to be given to the Bank by the Customer.

2. The Customer is aware that for the purposes of utilization of Citibank Online Internet Banking Facility, the Customer would be required to use the CitiCard number or the Account number and a password (IPIN (Internet Password) / Q-PIN) as advised by the Bank and/or as subsequently changed by the Customer/Authorized Signatory of the Customer. The Citibank Online Internet Banking Facility may cover and be applicable to all the Accounts now existing or which may hereafter be opened by the Customer with the Bank.

3. The Customer acknowledges and confirms that: a. The Customer understands that passwords assigned to the Customer or as subsequently changed by the Customer/Authorized Signatory of the Customer would be required to be used by the Customer to transmit/give instructions and access the Citibank Online Internet Banking Facility. The Customer is aware of the confidential nature of the IPIN (Internet Password) / QPIN and confirms that neither the Customer nor any Authorized Signatory of the Customer shall disclose the IPIN (Internet Password) / QPIN to any person. The Customer will promptly inform the Bank in case any IPIN (Internet Password) / QPIN becomes known to any unauthorized person. The Customer hereby instructs the Bank to comply with any/all instructions given through the use of the Citibank Online Internet Banking Facility in conjunction with the correct IPIN (Internet Password) / QPIN. The Bank shall be entitled to assume that any instruction given to the Bank using in accordance with the above are given/ authorized by the Customer and agrees that the Bank will not be liable for any fraudulent, duplicate or erroneous instructions given to the Bank by usage of the IPIN (Internet Password) / QPIN of the Customer.

b. The Bank shall not be required to verify or judge the correctness of any instructions received by it, so long as it satisfies itself of the correctness of the IPIN (Internet Password) / QPIN used to transact on the internet. The Customer acknowledges that any instruction received by the Bank shall be irrevocable. Should any instruction issued by the Customer, be capable of being executed by the Bank in more ways than one, the Bank may execute the said instruction in any one of the said ways at the Bank's sole discretion.

c. The Customer shall not be discharged by transmission over the internet of any notice, instruction or request which, as per the terms hereof or any other specific terms and conditions, require the Customer to send the same in writing. The Customer acknowledges and confirms that all records of instructions received from the Customer maintained by the Bank, in electronic or documentary form, and such other details (including but not limited to payments made or received) shall, as against the Customer, be deemed to be conclusive.

d. The Customer shall not interfere with, alter, amend, tamper with or misuse in any manner whatsoever (the opinion of the Bank being conclusive in this respect), the Citibank Online Internet Banking Facility.

e. In the event of any alleged fraudulent use of the Account through the internet, the Customer agrees that the Customer shall be solely and exclusively responsible for all loss caused thereby and shall not hold the Bank liable for any loss caused thereby.

On clicking on '''PROCEED''', a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number registered with Citibank.